Adagiometry 4 by Andy Pickford

Andy Pickford

Adagiometry 4

3 tracks

Running time: 0:19:26
Released: 11/2016

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  01   Home (Adagiometry 4) - 5:31
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  02   The Enigmatist - 6:26
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  03   Heart in the Rain - 7:29
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More Info

AD Music is pleased to announce ‘Adagiometry’, a series of 5 EP length (20 minute) ‘download only’ releases from Andy Pickford.
Forming part of the same large archive of high quality, unreleased music from which the ‘Vanguard’ CD album series has been taken, the feel of ‘Adagiometry’ is more towards acoustic orchestral and chill-out, as well as the usual backdrops of filmic electronica.
In total, this 5 ep set contains around 100 minutes of wonderfully indulgent, finely-crafted music no AP collection will be complete without.
The moods throughout the 5 ep series are both relaxing and highly emotive with top notch production values and tongue in cheek cover art, also supplied by AP. The Adagiometry ep series further illustrates the depth and quality of Andy Pickford’s repertoire.