Pleonasms (The Secret Tapes Vol 2) by Perge


Pleonasms (The Secret Tapes Vol 2)

6 tracks

Running time: 0:58:49
Released: 10/2016

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  01   Pleonasms - 4:12
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  02   Fluctuation - 12:27
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  03   Calybration - 7:58
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  04   Atemporal Dispersion - 11:19
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  05   Soliloquy - 6:42
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  06   The Cool Sands of Vermillion - 16:11
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More Info

This album presents sections from two recently restored soundboard recordings from the 80s. Originally available only via low quality unofficial bootlegs 'The Undulated Soundtrack For Phantasy' and 'Space & Sfears', we're now able to present these recordings as originally intended. We hope you enjoy this trip back to a time where analog synthesisers were having to compete with their newer digital rivals for the first time.