Exhibition of Dreams (remastered) by REMY


Exhibition of Dreams (remastered)

8 tracks

Running time: 2:10:08
Released: 05/2016

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  01   Into The Dream - 12:38
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  02   Mirage - 24:56
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  03   Lost Forces - 11:34
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  04   La Luna - 16:25
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  05   The Fields of Infinity - 5:44
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  06   Unidentified Dreaming Objects - 42:33
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  07   Silent Voices - 8:00
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  08   Out of the Dream - 8:18
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More Info

In the summer of 1999 Remy moves all his equipment to the attic at Ewout’s home.
Earlier that year there has been made a selection of tracks which were composed in the preceding two years, and which were likely to appear on the f inal version of Remy’s debut release “Exhibition of Dreams”.
The basis of the tracks were recorded on Remy’s brave old Atari computer, and because the original recordings were done with minidisc, without the possibility to dub anything, all tracks were recorded in just one take, without any editing.

In those two weeks of recording sessions there have been recorded quite some different takes of the same tracks, of which the best tracks were chosen to appear on the album.
In December 1999 the f inal 2-CD-R version of “Exhibition of Dreams” is being distributed in a limited number of copies through several music stores in the Netherlands.
After having sold the album to a large part of family and quite some enthusiastic people, one copy reaches Dutch electronic music label and mail-order Groove Unlimited, which releases Remy’s f irst off icial cd-release “The Art of Imagination”, nearly a year later. It’s then decided that the production of “Exhibition of Dreams” will not be continued.

Ten years after the “Exhibition of Dreams” release, this album can f inally be heard by a larger audience.
The original recordings from 1999 have been remastered entirely.

To also expose the development Remy has made in the past ten years, Remy has recorded and released an album with newly arranged and recorded versions of a selection of the tracks of “Exhibition of Dreams” (available as “EoD”).

Music composed, performed and produced by Remy Stroomer.
Recorded and mixed by Remy Stroomer and Ewout Koek at the AKH Studios, Haarlem, November 1998 - August 1999.
Technically revisited by Remy Stroomer (for the 10th anniversary edition) in 2009.

Digitally remastered by Wouter Bessels, June 2009.

Original cover artwork by Ewout Koek.
Revisited artwork and lay-out by Remy Stroomer.

Original version available on double CD (AKH Records, AKH01103-2).

“As for me, Exhibition of Dreams is a magnificent musical piece of anthology. The kind of work which
marks time and which will leave all of its traces for coming years. The sound, the compositions, the
approach sometimes dramatic sometimes melodious on structures at once minimalism and uncoordinated,
make of this work a musical monument which explains all beauties and subtleties of the EM art.”

Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness