Connected (remastered) by REMY


Connected (remastered)

4 tracks

Running time: 1:15:44
Released: 06/2016

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  01   Où Sont Les Femmes? - 30:14
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  02   All Together - 22:32
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  03   Ended Traditions - 14:30
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  04   The Missing Part - 8:28
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More Info

All music composed, jammed and produced by Remy Stroomer.
Co-produced by Ewout Koek.

Recorded by Remy Stroomer at the AKH Studios, Haarlem, 24-30 December 2002.

“The Missing Part” edited by Remy Stroomer and Ewout Koek.

Remastered by Wouter Bessels, June 2016.

Original cover artwork by Ewout Koek.
Revisited artwork and lay-out by Remy Stroomer.

Original version available on CD (AKH Records, AKH09032-2).

“Remy Stroomer is a synthesist whose music recovers the romantic spirit of pioneerings space music
in the 1970’s, yet accompanying it with new ideas. “Connected” is characterized by long themes of a
slow development, rich in dense atmospheres, melodies that range from the mysterious to the romantic,
and powerful sequencers sometimes sustained by percussion. Remy admits that Klaus Schulze
has been one of his major influences, a trait that can be perceived in the album, yet it is also true that
he has already developed his own elements of artistic identity.”

Edgar Kogler / Amazing Sounds