The Art of Imagination (remastered) by REMY


The Art of Imagination (remastered)

6 tracks

Running time: 1:16:48
Released: 06/2016

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  01   Image One - 13:20
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  02   Image Two - 13:15
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  03   Image Three - 9:50
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  04   Image Four - 16:34
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  05   Image Five - 15:39
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  06   Image Six - 8:10
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More Info

All music composed and performed by Remy Stroomer.
Recorded and mixed by Remy Stroomer and Ewout Koek at the AKH Studios, Haarlem, June - July, 2000.

Remastered by Wouter Bessels, May 2016.

Original cover artwork by Ewout Koek.
Cover painting by Evita Sips.
Revisited artwork and lay-out by Remy Stroomer.

Original version available on CD (Groove Unlimited, GR-048 / AKH Records, AKH09001-2).

“Remy follows in the sonic footsteps of the great electronic music master Klaus Schulze. While most
similarly inspired musicians draw upon Schulze’s Seventies style, Remy chooses to pursue Schulze’s
more contemporary sound. This style is rich with synthesized choral voices and sampled instruments
like flute or cello or harpsichord or acoustic guitar. These sounds unravel with a regal quality, demonstrative
and elegant.”

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity