Modifying (S) DNA Vol 1 by SpiralDreams


Modifying (S) DNA Vol 1

5 tracks

Running time: 1:10:23
Released: 09/2016

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  01   AT-14 Research Plant - 15:23
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  02   Destroyer - 13:39
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  03   Oscillation Part 2 - 12:00
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  04   Transubstantation - 18:32
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  05   Goha - 10:49
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More Info

'Modifying (S) DNA Vol 1’ (Vol 2 is already recorded) is quite a bit different to the other album we have released at the same time (‘Another World Vol 1’). That was much more 70’s leaning Berlin School. This album still has sequences pretty much all the way through it but has a more contemporary and edgy feel. More risks are taken and the boundaries stretched (though not to the breaking point!). It all makes for one heck of a listening experience. Please give the sound samples a listen to see what I mean.