Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory by Mäläskä


Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory

6 tracks

Running time: 1:15:33
Released: 06/2016

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  01   The Intergalactic Corridor B3-B4 - 14:31
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  02   Nitro's Neurosoup Concoction - 9:24
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  03   Fratman Glancy & The Explorer Society - 7:25
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  04   Mr. Natural Amusement Park at 6 a.m. - 11:02
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  05   The Disputable Beauty of Miss V.Z. - 13:27
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  06   The Sweet Turned Sour - 19:44
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More Info

Mäläskä's debut album “Uncle Jim’s Cidney Factory” is a soundtrack about party animals and dropouts at an American college. The featured material is selected from an improvisation session of 2,5 hours.

End of June 2016 Mäläskä has a mini tour with performances in Haarlem, Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) and Hamm (Germany), trying to recreate the atmosphere of their studio sessions onto stage, and share it with audience.