Stelenfeld (Field of Stars) by nachtricht


Stelenfeld (Field of Stars)

8 tracks

Running time: 1:18:24
Released: 07/2016

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  01   Exodus - 8:00
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  02   Deportation to Babylon - 4:00

  03   Crucifixion - 8:00
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  04   Christian Crusades - 15:00

  05   Ferdinand & Isabella - 5:00

  06   First Jewish Ghetto (Venice) - 15:14

  07   Russian Revolution Pogroms - 15:10
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  08   HaShoah (Holocaust) - 8:00

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This is a very different Nachtricht journey, an intense one, mostly of the mind and of the heart. My personal response (though I am not Jewish) to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, which I have visited a few times.

The bland, obliquely angled and sized stones stand as markers to what the 20th century (and before, and doubtless the future) did to one particular group of human beings at the hands, knives, and guns of others.

The stones are already wilting under the heavy weight of the suffering they represent, even as the traffic skips past and the shopping ans business continues. Children play innocently upon the stones, guides tell their stories to parties of visitors, tourists click their new cameras and eat their sandwiches as they sit and laugh and take the chance to read their newspapers and magazines. Others visit the shop to purchase their memorabilia.

But listening hard, beyond all this, deep in the mix, you can still hear the sounds of the past, the rally speeches, the prayers, the pain, murder, laughter, birth, longing, echoes from the camps – silent echoes now.

This may not be a fun piece but neither is it torture. It is a meditative improvisation, of sorts, and there is light to be seen if you should seek it in the right places. There is the sound of birdsong, of Spring, of Summer, even Autumn and Winter can never be entirely consigned to the past, but together we can make it damn close...

If I may presume to put this in the company of Henryk Gorecki's 'Third Symphony', then I do. Listen, and ponder...