Odysseys To Marrakech & Istanbul by nachtricht


Odysseys To Marrakech & Istanbul

9 tracks

Running time: 1:19:20
Released: 07/2016

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  01   Moebius (Test Of The Infinite) - 9:26
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  02   Fez - 8:20

  03   Eighth Heaven - 9:38
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  04   Blind Passenger - 5:20

  05   Star - 9:20

  06   Cafe Marjarna - 6:44

  07   Magical Prism - 7:26

  08   Rif People - 9:48
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  09   Water Mirror - 13:18

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Occasionally on our space journey, Nachtricht calls in on our parent planet – Earth. In recent times visits have been made to Turkey, including Istanbul, and Morocco, including Marrakech. Musically what is most noticeable in such parts, beyond the array of various string and flute instruments, is the percussion and rhythms. All manner of items are used to create what we hear as an exotic mix of rhythmic sound. For any instrumental accompanist the first problem – and the second and third – is that there is no BPM to work against.

With the greatest acknowledgment and respect for those musicians who command such percussion, I decided to try to decorate their awesome work with the Nachtricht cosmic guitar, alongside a sonic background of textures recorded on site, as well as from the archive, plus light synthesizer embellishments.

Of course as musicians among you know, the ethnic musiks of these parts use musical scales different from anything used in the West, complementing the complexity of the rhythms. Therefore in the three weeks prior to recording I played only Arabian scales every day, so that by the time I was needing to improvise lines and textures they would better work in their foreign musical environment. I just hope we did those drummers justice.

As for the so called 'Marrakech Express', Nachtrict was in low flying mode, ie on the road. The night before our journey from Fez to Marrakech, there was a great electric storm (which, of course, we recorded for future use!). Hence the next morning the dirt tracks had been washed away and were being rebuilt even as we approached. 'Express' was in no sense the word that day. But, then again, there was also the road to Istanbul.

So enjoy, please, these parts of Earthland that can be at least as alluring as anything found out there in deepest space, in the Cosmos, of which we must never forget the Earth is also a part.