electronic regions by Terje Winther

Terje Winther

electronic regions

4 tracks

Running time: 2:21:51
Released: 11/2009

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  01   entering regions suite - 60:50
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  02   electronic rendezvous - 3:52
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  03   where the water leaves the road - 51:53
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  04   evermore - 25:16
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"More than 100 minutes of Berlin School music, flavored by several worldwide essences which strikes, collides and stripes the paint out of your walls." - Sylvain Lupari

"Winther’s music has a certain barely-controlled quality about it giving it more sense of adventure than some of his contemporaries, sometimes over-the-top but at other times finding that the risks pay off." - Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

Electronic Regions is a solo record from Terje Winther, a highly respected synthesizer musician from Norway. The music is an auditorial walk through electronic forests of strange, exploring forgotten paths, otherwordly thoughts, nature and bricks of concrete.

The double CD moves through a multitude of auditory landscapes made with old and new analogue synthesizers. A combination of improvisation and sequencers develop a broad range of sounds and emotions, drawing inspiration from the time when music was visionary, grand and made for the future.

Electronic Regions is Terje Winther´s second solo release with electronic music. In addition he has contributed to many electronic albums in Norway, Sweden and England. Winther has been rewarded with positive critique for his concerts and recordings, and performed some of the music from this CD at a solo concert in the «Awakenings» concert series during fall of 2009.

all music composed, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by terje winther