Even Higher Green by Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan

Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan

Even Higher Green

6 tracks

Running time: 1:39:34
Released: 03/2016

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  01   Penultimation - 18:23
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  02   Inertial Seconds - 19:38
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  03   Greensequent - 18:43
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  04   Astley Return - 14:45
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  05   To the Known Unknowns (Bonus) - 10:03

  06   Inertial Seconds Slowmix (Bonus) - 18:02

More Info

Part 2 of an occasional collaboration that always seems to happen on the penultimate day of the year. What is presented here is pretty much as it happened on the day. As the day drew to a close the alcohol and sausage rolls finally got the better of us, and we decided a Klaus Schulze tribute was in order. We hope the great man himself approves. ) :)