Aural Coefficients Within A Fractal Plane by Perge


Aural Coefficients Within A Fractal Plane

4 tracks

Running time: 1:19:04
Released: 02/2016

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  01   Rubidion - 26:59
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  02   Anfa (Part 1) - 17:29
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  03   Anfa (Part 2) - 20:25
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  04   Bataclan - 14:11
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More Info

Long forgotten legal disputes with former colleagues have prevented the official release of our concerts from the 70's and 80's. Although unofficial recordings surface from time to time they are often of poor quality and fail to capture the dynamics of those events. However a deal was struck recently that has secured the release of some of the tapes from our 1975 shows in France and the UK, enabling us to finally present you a glimpse in high quality sound. Back then it was certainly a different era for sound and technology but it was a period we look back on with great affection. We present this album with hope that perhaps further deals can be made elsewhere that would allow other recordings to finally see the light of day. We hope you enjoy the trip back to our formative years.