Psychedelic Breakfast by Klaus Hoffmann Hoock and Friends

Klaus Hoffmann Hoock and Friends

Psychedelic Breakfast

7 tracks

Running time: 1:19:41
Released: 02/2016

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  01   Paradiso - 17:19
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  02   Raga - 6:18
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  03   Mom Medley - 6:39
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  04   Sehnsucht - 6:31
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  05   Heart Of The Sun - 9:55
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  06   Ganges - 19:14
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  07   Sri D - 13:45
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More Info

AD Music is pleased to present the music of the renown German guitarist/keyboard player Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. This is another wonderfully cosmic journey, this time with with a strong sense of India. The music is live and free flowing because the musicians involved let the inner spirit take them, and the audience, on a very spiritual journey. Sit back and enjoy the view………………….
All songs were played live on December 15, 2002, during the Schallwende EM-Breakfast in Düsseldorf. Thanks to the Schallwende crew and everybody who helped to make this event possible. And another big THANK YOU to the kind audience that loves to see, hear and feel music being made by hearts, mouths and hands. Keep the music alive!