Greatest Hits by Anders Jorgenson

Anders Jorgenson

Greatest Hits

6 tracks

Running time: 0:58:04
Released: 11/2015

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  01   The Good, The Bad and The Modular - 8:30
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  02   Stormchaser - 12:44
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  03   The Secrets of Stonehenge - 6:41
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  04   Tsing Tao - 9:42
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  05   Space Hockey - 11:02
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  06   Monster - 9:25
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Anders Jørgensen is a project by Jörg Erren and Andreas Kleinwächter - both very well experienced in electronic from Berlin School to Synth Pop

Three recording sessions took place which resulted in this six tracks. All music on this album was performed live by Kleinwächter`s and Erren`s studios in Cologne and Bielefeld and recorded in a single jam session for each track, without additional overdubs.

"Greatest Hits" is the debut album by this duo and of course there will never be anything like a Greatest Hit from this project - unless music business is going to turn their usual business models upside down. But isn´t any serious composition a great hit? Doesn´t it only depend on the perspective?