Spatial Awareness by nachtricht


Spatial Awareness

10 tracks

Running time: 2:23:52
Released: 10/2015

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  01   The Star That Bounced - 6:24
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  02   The Space Where Dragons Be - 15:04
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  03   Astral Pathways - 12:08
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  04   Asteroid Chicane - 17:24
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  05   The Universal Tick - 6:18
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  06   Stardrops Karma Chaos - 15:52
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  07   (Tales of) A Gentler Galaxy - 8:48
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  08   Microbubble - 12:04
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  09   Watching the Last Stars Expire - 37:36

  10   Not All Stars Are Ancient - 12:14

More Info

Double Album
Disc 1: tracks 1-6
Disc 2: tracks 7-10

Travelling over time through the Cosmos in my craft Nachtricht I have encountered the most wondrous and unexpected objects, actions and experiences. This double album is a miscellany of those many collisions avoided (if only just), accidents witnessed, and mysteries negotiated. Some are frozen moments of stasis, soundscapes that barely move at all, while others are flowing narratives, always with the drizzle of guitar falling lightly from above.

Come with us on this odyssey and share our increasing awareness of the multiplicity of wonders that lie out there is space, in the knowledge that to date we have barely scratched the surface. There are ever more dreamscapes to discover as Nachtricht travels deeper and deeper into space, closer and closer towards the edge, towards the very beginning of it all...