Astrolab by nachtricht



5 tracks

Running time: 1:09:43
Released: 10/2015

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  01   Apollo Soyuz - 15:25
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  02   ISS - 12:17
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  03   Mir - 15:48
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  04   Salyut - 9:25
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  05   Skylab - 16:48
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On this heavenly trip the spaceship Nachtricht visited the locations of the best and less well known science laboratories of the skies, tracking their horrendously fast yet simultaneously apparently still passage through our near Earth space. But the history of such man-made satellites is more long-term
and comprehensive than these few, if important, examples. These heavenly bodies of earthly origin are designed to remain in low Earth orbit for long periods of time, usually with the ability for other
spacecraft to dock with them. Currently the I.S.S. - International Space Station - and Tiangong are the only operational space stations in orbit. Such stations monitor the effects of long term space
flight on the human body, as well as being a platform for extended scientific studies not possible on Earth. A rotating crew system sees each individual remaining on board for weeks or months, rarely
more than a year.

These satellites are used for both military and civilian purposes. The first military space station was the Soviet Salyut 2, launched in 1973. It was part of the Almaz programme, following allegedly the first civilian space station Salyut 1. Nowadays Russia, China, as well as private companies are building or planning such craft. The soviet Almaz programme was a secret military project to test space reconnaissance tactics, while their long duration orbital station (DOS) was for scientific research into space flight.

Other space stations have included Kosmos (USSR) and Salyut 3-7 (USSR), as well as those detailed in the music tracks. Prototypes have been Genesis I and II (Bigelow Aerospace), while planned stations
include Tiangong 2 & 3 (CNSA), Space Complex Alpha and Bravo (private), Orbital Piloted Assembly & Experimental Complex (RFSA). Cancelled projects include Manned Orbiting Laboratory 1-7 (NASA),
Galaxy (Private), MIR 2 (RFSA), and Freedom (NASA). Also planned is a Chinese space station yet to be named (CNSA).

So, journey on the music spacecraft Nachtricht through the portals of time and space that allow us to ride these tiny fragile man-made crafts as they pursue their their and our goals, in our own
space backyard. But journey carefully Earthlings...