Perfection Mode by Uwe Reckzeh

Uwe Reckzeh

Perfection Mode

5 tracks

Running time: 1:11:14
Released: 09/2015

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  01   Cold Mountain - 14:50
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  02   Forbidden Thouhgts - 12:02
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  03   Perfection Mode - 12:48
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  04   Sequence Mode - 14:42
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  05   Transfer Mode - 16:52
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More Info

After two years the new album from Uwe Reckzeh with the significant title "Perfection Mode" will appear in autumn 2015. One in advance: Hardly any titles fit so far so good for his albums like this. The songs are arranged to the last detail. The Mixture of ever new and well-known electronic sounds are just beautiful, but they combine skillfully tradition with modernity. The ever harmonious melodies on the album invite you to dream. Sequences fly by itself through the sound space, as only Reckzeh it dominates. The album has a voltage, or rather relaxation bow that makes you forget the everyday life in an instant. Between hypnotic sequences the effect sounds now have a little more bite. Overall, "Perfection Mode" is an album for fans of traditional electronic music. Who will gets involved, it serves over 70 minutes perfectly produced Berlin School music, which is far away from the otherwise yawning monotony. "... We live in a perfect world!"