Stardust by Carola Zauchner (Traumklang)

Carola Zauchner (Traumklang)


6 tracks

Running time: 1:19:25
Released: 07/2015

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  01   Stardust, Part I - 14:08
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  02   Sputnik - 9:22
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  03   Stardust, Part II - 19:00
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  04   Solar Wind - 9:15
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  05   Solar Wind (Raggae Mix) - 12:20
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  06   Stardust, Part II (Space Mix) - 15:20
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More Info

SynGate TK26
released 2015

Carola Zauchner aka TRAUMKLANG finally released the album "Stardust" as a work, that was awaited by Traumklang-fans since quite a while.

Almost 80 minutes are to be found on this album in 6 tracks, some of them rather experimental, others with expected sequences and melodies. The title-track "Stardust Part 1" is the masterpiece to top the album.