Toene des Nebels by WellenVorm


Toene des Nebels

7 tracks

Running time: 0:51:23
Released: 11/2014

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  01   Toene des Nebels - 9:45
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  02   Fliegende Sequenzen - 6:44
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  03   Weinender Mond - 7:50
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  04   Der Singende Sinus - 8:12
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  05   Sequenzerliebe - 5:43
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  06   Sonnenstahl - 7:03
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  07   Herbststurm - 6:06
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More Info

Toene des Nebels is the debut album of the Chemnitz-based musician Uwe Rottluff aka WellenVorm. The one who gathers a washy ambient electronic piece of art from the album title is wide of the mark. This album is great, pure classic electronic music. And this on highest level. You punctiliously hear the analogue switches and components, as WellenVorm abstains from using virtual sound productions and only uses the digital world for tasting the ensemble. This combination does not only sound deliciously but has its own style. Toene des Nebels owns a dark appearing atmosphere which perfectly fits into dark and foggy seasons. WelleVorm does not drown his music. The necessary variety can rather be found in the well selected and delicately appearing sounds, which exert its agility and force.

Own musical themes are seized skillfully throughout the album and transform them into other combinations.

Toene des Nebels is a strong electronic album which never denies its origin. Why should it? WellenVorm easily puts his own, distinctive handwriting on the musical event. Finally a fairly worthy newcomer.