Genius by Otarion



9 tracks

Running time: 1:07:32
Released: 11/2014

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  01   New Visions - 4:50
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  02   Beauty Lights - 4:31
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  03   Out of Darkness - 8:22
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  04   the Genius - 8:49
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  05   Tears of Laurentius - 6:27
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  06   Dream of Aratos - 9:21
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  07   Enjoy the Infinity - 9:25
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  08   Don´t turn away - 7:40
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  09   the Inexpressible - 8:07
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More Info

[GENIUS] In ancient Roman religion, the genius was the individual instance of a
general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing.
The rational powers and abilities of every human being were attributed to their
soul, which was a genius. Each individual place had a genius (genius loci) and
so did powerful objects, such as volcanoes. Some say, You can find the spirit
of Genius within this music. Enjoy.