Badlands Remix by Intelligentsia


Badlands Remix

4 tracks

Running time: 0:21:01
Released: 11/2014

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  01   Badlands (Defunct & Destroyed Remix) - 6:29
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  02   Interstella (Single Mix) - 3:15
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  03   Earthling (Instrumental) - 5:08
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  04   Love Heroine (2003 Japan Mix) - 6:09
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Electro-Opera revisited. Experimental modern Electronica meets high culture Film music with dreamy undertones.

Intelligentsia's Electro-Opera revisited features a brand new, lengthy and experimental remix of BADLANDS (Defunct and Destroyed Remix) using the latest audio gadgets. Included is the single remix of INTERSTELLA - the popular Sci-Fi deep space track that predated the movie version, while you have the instrumental high cultured Film music of EARTHLING and dreamy LOVE HEROINE, here released in its original Japanese production.