Yolo by Tetsu Inoue

Tetsu Inoue


10 tracks

Running time: 0:51:44
Released: 11/2005

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  01   Tane - 6:11
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  02   Remote - 6:14
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  03   Particular Moments - 4:57
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  04   Curve - 5:36
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  05   O shape - 5:32
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  06   Flow - 5:11
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  07   S Equation - 4:15
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  08   Sour Cloud - 2:34
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  09   Supernature - 5:16
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  10   Spirit of Data - 5:58
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DiN is proud to announce the release of Tetsu Inoue's ninth solo album, "Yolo". Based in New York and with over 40 albums to his credit, including collaborations with such left-field luminaries as Bill Laswell, Atom Heart, Peter Namlook and Jonah Sharp, Tetsu Inoue has established himself as a musician equally comfortable in the contrasting worlds of ambient, sound installation, and computer music.

Intriguing and mysterious, "Yolo", dissects a combination of Max random synthesised sounds and field recordings into fragments and particles which are then sieved through in microscopic detail.

Inoue moves the focus with a speed that is at first disorientating but demonstrates the concise precision that has made his deserved reputation as an artist that is not afraid to explore and expand.

In many respects it's like a diary of intimate impressions, internalised and deeply processed a collection of fading super-8 memories moving jerkily in and out of the frame of the imagination.

There is no lengthy exposition or superfluous effect to be found on any of the tracks. Rather there's an insistence and urgency to cut to the chase. The music is composed and built-up from intricate details, cross-hatched and etched, forming complex portraits or abstract tones and vivid colour.

Bristling with detail he neverthesless achieves all this with a graceful economy of language that is as spare and as telling as a haiku.

The music of "Yolo" is a series of events connecting with each other though not necessarily connected a patchwork that constantly mutates and renews itself.

The faintest traces of harmony and melody drift in and out like smoke on the wind, gracing the underlying thrum of particular moments with a forlorn beauty.

This is a strikingly crafted album that will appeal to fans of his previous work and draw in new converts with a music that is both substantial and timeless.

Track 1 featuring seed
Recorded at Phoenicia Mu studio and 2350 Broadway studio
Special thank you to Phonaut Noah Jurcin, David Robert, Jeff Taylor
Ammon Haggerty Ingrid


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