Part of the Industry by Stockman


Part of the Industry

8 tracks

Running time: 1:00:28
Released: 09/2014

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  01   Monto's Production Line - 8:35
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  02   Part of the Industry - 6:26
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  03   Industrial Hauntings - 8:27
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  04   Brains in Overdrive - 9:18
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  05   In Time Delivery - 7:05
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  06   The Factory never sleeps - 8:37
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  07   No Supplies Left - 7:24
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  08   No Supplies Left Deep Mix - 4:36
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syngate luna gs07
released 2014

Anyone who is familiar with Stockman, may possibly be surprised about this album, as it is fresh, fast, danceable and full of energy. But anyway it still is recognizeable Stockman style, as the composition was done on the background of many years of experience in the development of Stockman.
Rather more elekro but electronic, partly danceable but as well with elements of Ambient this album is something for body and spirit.