Nano by Fratoroler



4 tracks

Running time: 1:06:01
Released: 09/2014

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  01   Nano - 20:24
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  02   Quarks - 13:51
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  03   Macrozoom - 12:32
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  04   Systematic Different - 19:14
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More Info

SynGate FR04
released 2014

Fratorolers 4th album comes with 4 longtracks that take the smallest things as a topic to build relaxed and floating melodies with developing rythm and sequences. An album to take a rest and listen to.

Anyone who was lucky enough to join the 20 years Manikin jubilee at the Zeiss Planetary in Berlin at the 27th of September knows very well, what this music was like to charm the mood.
released 30 September 2014

Composed, played & arranged by Thomas Köhler & Frank Rothe