Our Waking Hours by The Long Light

The Long Light

Our Waking Hours

2 tracks

Running time: 0:39:26
Released: 08/2014

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  01   Our Waking Hours part one - 21:58
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  02   Our Waking Hours part two - 17:28
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The first true ambient album by Andy Condon of The Glimmer Room

This is my first true ambient album and as such I felt it should be not released primarily as The Glimmer Room. Although it shares a lot of the essence of a Glimmer Room album, to me, it feels like something just a bit too far removed to fall under the same body of work. So The Long Light was born.
The Long Light is The Glimmer Room on a day when nothing really matters. Those days you are free from the grind, days you embrace the rising sun and bathe in its warmth, existing carefree until the opposite horizon claims her for itself.
Our Waking Hours is the soundtrack to days like this.
Released, but as collaboration with the listener, the idea is that you choose your day for your reasons. Start it with the first track and end it with the second, in between which you find something to share that day:
A photograph, a piece of text or anything that you feel encapsulates your day.
These do not have to be great works of art. Probably better if they are not it is more about the idea of just doing something to capture it.
Send this to me and I will publish them all on thelonglight.com to complete the work. Your days are just that, yours. I have no claim to your contribution commercially or indeed otherwise, not now, not ever.
released 23 June 2014

Andy Condon