Interstellarphonic by Bouvetoya



5 tracks

Running time: 1:01:14
Released: 08/2014

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  01   The Dawn of the Interplanetary Nation - 9:38
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  02   26 Prosperina - 16:08
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  03   Radio Jupiter 22:2 MHz - 12:14
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  04   The Pillars of Star Creation - 15:18
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  05   Heart of the Magnetar - 7:56
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SynGate MJ02

Bouvetøya's second SynGate release - once more full of analogue and modular sounds from deep space, melodic, sequencing, dreamful, drifting and sometimes soothing atmospheres from Ireland

Drawing on influences from many eras during the evolution of electronica, Bouvetøya encapsulates an appreciation, rather than an emulation, of traditional Berlin School structures and fuses it with arrangements inspired by cinematic soundtracks. Nominated amongst the first 10 for Best Newcomer - 2013 Schallwelle Award for Electronic Music (Germany)