Hecate Vol2 by Jim Kirkwood

Jim Kirkwood

Hecate Vol2

4 tracks

Running time: 1:08:52
Released: 07/2006

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  01   A Butterfly in a Circle of Fire - 17:22
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  02   I Remember the Dark Earth - 21:16
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  03   When the Raven Came Home - 6:59
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  04   Requiem for a Past Life - 23:15
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More Info

Hecate Vol 2-Under a Different Sky. This not so much a follow up as part of the same project. In regards to musical style and source of inspiration, everything I have written about Vol 1 applies to this CD. I had great fun with the concept which is reflected in the amount of material that came out of it.

The following is a review of this CD by SMD

A slow tinkling melody rises above a hot steamy landscape. Then suddenly, in comes a surging rhythm and organ combination. We momentarily revisit the opening realms, only for the rhythmic barrage to return though this time accompanied by an insistent lead line. More rhythms are added as the excitement reaches new heights. All then fades away, leaving us with misty swirling effects. For Jim this is really tranquil relaxing stuff. A fresh, gentle rhythm emerges but the mood remains light for a few minutes before a really powerful sequence lets rip and a fantastic stabbing staccato lead takes centre stage. Other little melodic runs weave in and out of the main lead. A new sequence is added. Heavy stabs of sound and even more strident leads are deployed to devastating effect. The second track initially takes us to rather eerie lands. Wailing electronics add to the feeling of foreboding. It is as if huge beasts are crying out in pain. A really deep but captivating sequence gradually rises from being hardly audible to taking a position in the middle of the mix. This is soon joined by an excellent high register partner, together creating quite a mesmerizing pulsating brew. In the eighth minute we descent to beautiful shimmers. It's as if we are in a rainforest seeing the rays of the sun shining through the morning mist. A relaxed rhythm, similar to one in the opening track, mixes with gorgeous cello. In the fourteenth minute a new sequence gently intrudes on the perfect serenity. At first it just enhances the subtle beauty but gradually a second sequence and moody lead line pick up the pace. Things become much more brooding and moody during the last few minutes finishing the track off as it started, with a growl. The next piece is relatively short by Jim's standards (at just over six minutes). In a way it is also a bit menacing but the melodic solo is sort of questioning, searching for answers. Slow rhythms and sequences surround it and we pick up a slow but purposeful pace which I couldn't stop my hands and feet moving to. Simply exquisite stuff. A clang and slow rhythm as well as the sound of a drifting spectre get the final track underway. Lovely, almost medieval melodies and chiming bells give the whole proceedings a decidedly funereal feel. There is then a pause and a huge rapid sequence bursts forth, scattering all before it. As expected more pulsations join in, cranking the excitement up one more notch. Again, its hypnotic captivating stuff that will seep into your very soul. In the tenth minute we are given a breather as we return to tranquil realms once more, the wind, water and gentle flute soothing us. Fully recovered, we are awoken by the subtlest of rhythms. A new sequence emerges and we are on our quest once more. Gradually more pulsations come into play as we are now running for refuge; our hearts racing faster and faster as explosive rhythms are added amongst the sequences. All seems lost but then calm descends on the back of little ethnic flourishes as I assume we reach safety and our final destination. This is a very different album to the first in the series but fantastic nevertheless. (DL)