Compunctio by Johan Tronestam

Johan Tronestam


9 tracks

Running time: 1:02:16
Released: 07/2014

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  01   Intro - 3:13
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  02   Loneliness - 7:40
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  03   Between the lost and the coming - 8:16
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  04   What is the truth - 6:42
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  05   Rituals - 6:56
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  06   Rituals part 2 - 6:32
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  07   The end and the begining - 7:18
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  08   Ritual combinations - 7:20
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  09   Recognition - 8:19
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SynGate CD-R JT01

The term Compunctio
Gregory the Great (ca 540–604) spoke about compunctio, the holy pain.
The grief somebody feels when faced with that which is most beautiful i
s both a reminiscence and a fore-taste of the divine world.
Originally compunctio was a medical term that described intense
physical pain, but when Gregorius used the word he spoke
about a spiritual pain.
The bittersweet experience stems from human home-lessness in an
imperfect world, human consciousness of, and, at the same time, a
desire for perfection.
This inner spiritual void becomes painfully real when faced with beauty.
There, between the lost and the desired, the holy tears are formed.

– Owe Wikström,
professor in Psychology
of Religion at the
University of Uppsala