Forever Changes by Claudio Merlini

Claudio Merlini

Forever Changes

9 tracks

Running time: 0:59:41
Released: 07/2014

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  01   Fireworks - 6:51
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  02   The Unknown Path - 6:13
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  03   Chain Reaction - 6:09
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  04   Calling Nature Part 1 - 6:55
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  05   Transformation - 6:09
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  06   Drawing the Sphere - 6:56
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  07   Calling Nature Part 2 - 6:40
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  08   The Spinning Wheel - 5:59
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  09   Adam and Eve - 7:49
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More Info

A magical third release from Italian maestro Claudio Merlini and easily his best too date. 'Forever Changes' shows a growing development and maturity in terms of music and production. There is a strong sense of purpose here and the music has depth and power that previous albums hinted at, but never quite attained. On 'Forever Changes' though, each track develops and grows in a thoughtful and at times, quite wondrous way.

Whether through the dynamics found on 'Fireworks’ and ‘The Spinning Wheel’, or the understated beauty in tracks like 'Calling Nature' and 'Adam and Eve’, the music is instantly appealing. Claudio bares his soul in his music, and as such it is imbued with the most heartfelt and sincere emotions that instantly connect with the listener. It’s difficult to imagine anyone who likes melodic electronic music not being captivated by the spell Claudio weaves. 'Forever Changes’ is quite simply a stunning and magical electronic music album!
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