Lost In The Swamp by Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij

Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij

Lost In The Swamp

6 tracks

Running time: 1:19:35
Released: 10/2012

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  01   Lost - 13:32
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  02   Swallowed By Immensity - 12:00
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  03   Learning To Survive - 27:25
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  04   Life In The Swamp - 9:01
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  05   Serenity Of Nature - 15:25
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  06   The Way Out - 2:12
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More Info

"The concept of this album is about an adventurous man, constantly searching for new challenges to satisfy his need to explore the unknown.

One day, he enters an immense swamp, knowing that no one before him ever returned from it.

The swamp is full of danger, unexpected and treacherous.

At the end of the day our man realized that he is lost, not being able to find his way out.

He tries to survive, learning to live with what the swamp offers him. It is a long agony, but he manages to find a way.

Getting used to his new life, alone in this desolate landscape, he slowly discovers the serenity of it, becoming more and more one with the nature around him. Needless to say that this is causing a huge change within him. He is reborn in a spiritual way.

Then, one day, on one of his walks to explore unknown parts of the swamp, he suddenly recognizes a part, that he had come across on his first day in the swamp and thus making it possible for him to find the way out.

So there he is, again at the edge of the swamp.

Will he return to his old world, back to his old life again, or will he decide to turn around and walk back into the swamp that has become a familiar environment for him?

This story doesn't necessarily takes place in this time and/or on this planet. Use your own imagination..."