Escape by The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident


2 tracks

Running time: 0:56:58
Released: 05/2014

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  01   Escape I - 29:15
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  02   Escape II - 27:43
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More Info

This is a studiorecording of the concert given in december 2013 at the B-Wave festival.

The album starts out in a moody ambient fashion, continuing the beautiful sonic narrative nicely as found on the previous recordings "The Crash" and "Hunted", but now further incorporating tasty vintage pads and textures to the duos highly cinematic, slowly unfolding soundscaping. It takes until the 15-minute mark on the first 29-minute track before a more pronounced sequence shows up in the mysterious realms, soon followed by warm choir and ethereal pads as the music starts growing bigger. The music gains speed as we pass the 20-minute mark and the (vintage Schulze-kindred) sequencers gently shift to a higher gear step by step and all the various sounds spread out are more upfront. It all ends up in a psychedelic spiral and a crash of the elements.
"Part II" commenced without much notable interruption, venturing out in an improvised ambient style with some piano. Around the 10-minute mark, things shift into a sequencer pattern with a smooth soaring solo voice on top. Soon, the speed of the vintage sequencing goes up and soon fires off in classic TD’s mid ’70’s style, as a kind of pursuit takes place for nearly the next 10 minutes. From there, things wind down into atmospheric soundscapes and disappear in a flash as final crescendo.

The masterful mix of ambient and retro/sequencer driven music makes "Escape" a worthy and recommended piece of electronic music.
Chapeau, guys!
Bert Strolenberg