Lights Of The Universe RM by REALTIME


Lights Of The Universe RM

9 tracks

Running time: 1:09:56
Released: 04/2014

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  01   Sunlight Reflections - 9:52
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  02   Stardancer - 7:12
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  03   Tranceflight - 9:22
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  04   Rotations - 4:33
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  05   There's Nothing Like The Sun - 7:40
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  06   Spacerider - 5:00
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  07   Lights Of The Universe - 14:15
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  08   Bonus: Lunar Habitat - 5:54
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  09   Bonus: Up Up To The Sky - 6:08
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More Info

SynGate CD-R RT02 Remaster 2014

In the year 2004 REALTIME - the duo of Thomas Bock and Norbert Hensellek - started composing and recording "Spacemusic" with different synthesizers and effect tools, the second album "Lights Of The Universe" was released in the year 2006. 10 years after their start the duo looks back to a lot of grown experience, live gigs and new technical challenges.

A good occasion to celebrate "10 years REALTIME" and to remix the old albums on the background of these conditions. So the new albums come with an improved dynamic as well as new bonus tracks, that were created by Thomas Bock in the year 2014 and were never released before