A Scent of Jasmine by E-Tiefengrund


A Scent of Jasmine

4 tracks

Running time: 1:08:28
Released: 03/2014

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  01   The Jasmine and the Beast - 20:30
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  02   The Big Hole - 15:02
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  03   The Art of Decay - 19:33
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  04   Forgotten Home - 13:23
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SynGate TI02

„A Scent of Jasmine“ makes an event from June 2013 to the subject of this album.
We passed through the lignite open-cast mining area of Inden (not far from Cologne) and stopped in the abandoned village Pier, which has to give way to the giant excavator in the next years.
Fascinated from the strange atmosphere we left the car to take some film and photo shots.
Walking through the streets of the abandoned houses with their planked windows and doors we smelled
a more discrete scent of Jasmine.