Mindmusic by Glyn Lloyd-Jones

Glyn Lloyd-Jones


7 tracks

Running time: 0:42:23
Released: 11/2013

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  01   Mindmusic Part 1 - 6:04
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  02   Monochrome Man - 5:57

  03   Mindmusic Part 2 - 10:43

  04   Curious Child - 7:51
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  05   Mindmusic Part 3 - 2:02

  06   Digitaria - 4:57
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  07   Mindmusic Part 4 - 4:49

More Info

So here is Mindmusic, the "lost" predecessor to Timelines, from 1984, re-created in 2013 to complete the collection.

The original 1984 recording was made using a Tascam Portastudio (anyone remember those?), a four-track cassette recorder with built-in mixer. Even the most basic of EM requires more than 4 tracks, so bouncing down was required, taking a group of already recorded tracks and mixing them down to a single track to free them up to be recorded over with new material. The stereo master tape was then the result of mixing down to another cassette recorder. The final master was therefore a 3rd or 4th generation recording, muffled with tape hiss and distortion that exceeded the level of the music in some places.

I abandoned any hope of being able to restore the original tapes to listenable condition, and decided to re-record everything from scratch, using today's digital technology to replicate as closely as possible my original intentions. I have resisted the strong urge to put right the many shortcomings of the original composition by doing it as I would do it now, with nearly 30 years more experience, but have stuck rigidly to the original scheme, which fortunately was conserved in the copious notes I had taken at the time. The sounds, which on the original were mostly produced on home-made equipment (a modular analogue synthesizer with 16-note sequencer built-in, a string synthesizer as well as various effects units), for this version have been recreated using software emulations of the analogue equipment that was around at the time of the original recording (but which I could only dream about at the time) thereby preserving a high degree of authenticity in the sound.