High Drift by Sambience


High Drift

10 tracks

Running time: 1:08:34
Released: 10/2013

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  01   Europa - 6:16
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  02   Inner Sanctum - 3:48
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  03   Morning - 4:39
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  04   Oceanic - 7:43
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  05   Into the Deep - 9:49
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  06   High Drift - 8:35
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  07   REM - 13:06
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  08   Ganymede - 5:21
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  09   Critters - 6:59
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  10   Anxious Moment - 2:18
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More Info

The Music of High Drift

This is a compilation of several ambient tracks that flow nicely one to the next. The CD starts boldly with 'Europa', an ear-catching ambient title that settles into a trance-like state. The next title, 'Inner Sanctum' places you in a large, ethereal space with religious undertones. This is followed by 'Morning', a very light ambient piece featuring chorus voices throughout. It is very angelic and deeply relaxing.

The next piece is 'Oceanic.' Aptly named, this piece is characteristic of the ocean itself and placed 1st in a national Electronic Music competition. ‘Into the Deep’, a meditative cruiser that explores the outer reaches of space, follows. Next up is 'High Drift.' This is another deep ambient space track based on a loop of music of the same name. This track was featured on SpaceMusic.com podcast November 2005.

'REM' continues to carry you though your immersion. As is true with most of my work, this has a certain symmetry mimicking the rhythm of sleep in and out of REM state. 'Ganemeade' follows giving rest to your soul and happens to be one of my favorites. A good pair of headphones or speakers will pick up the DEEP base that seems to flow though your body. It's very stirring and popular with my listeners.

The voyage starts to bring you back home with ‘Critters.’ This piece is an interesting analogy intermingling deep space pads with what you hear on a warm summer’s night. This piece was featured on Spacemusic.com podcast November 2005.

The CD closes out with a re-awakening short piece titled ‘Anxious Moment.’ I do hope you enjoy this CD. Comments are always welcome.