Pictures by Faber



9 tracks

Running time: 0:55:07
Released: 10/2013

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  01   Beauty - 9:55
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  02   Yellow Magic Train - 4:58
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  03   Ad asdra per aspera - 6:26
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  04   Electronic Forest - 4:42
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  05   Blue Planet - 7:32
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  06   Art of Voice - 4:48
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  07   Phonec - 4:57
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  08   Desire - 7:46
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  09   Santorin - 4:03
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More Info

This time, Roland Schmidt aka "Faber" with his new album "Pictures" something personal. Images from his past, the theme for his new album. Although he expresses his own interpretations and intentions do not always directly, so let this be guessed quickly. He did not renounce his own harmonies and styles, his music since his first album "Space Fish" featuring: Faber never exaggerates and lets his music is always the needed air to breathe. On skilful manner, he gives each song a completely different look which makes for plenty of variety when listening and just fun. Despite his musical soul always shines through and tells you what we hear. Listen!

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