Universal Flow by Faber


Universal Flow

8 tracks

Running time: 0:50:03
Released: 10/2013

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  01   Universal Flow - 6:27
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  02   Spacestation One - 6:43
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  03   Ten thousand lightyears - 6:51
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  04   Wind of Times - 7:09
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  05   Caravan of Dreams - 7:13
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  06   Nomans return - 4:37
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  07   Terra Antigua - 4:28
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  08   Stairway to the stars - 6:35
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More Info

Real masterpieces of music always leave the handwriting of the artist. The musician Roland Schmidt who lives in Lübeck, Germany, achieved this already with his debut album. Now, five albums later, the tradition is being continued with “Universal Flow”. It sounds like Faber instantly. The musician adventures sound technical experiments and interrupts his album with different moods which only unfold in combination with traditional electronic music. Catchy melody patterns repeat unremarkably during the runtime of the album and fuse all together. Faber’s music hopefully never grows up which is fully appreciated.