1st Encounter by Sayer


1st Encounter

9 tracks

Running time: 1:09:12
Released: 08/2013

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  01   Desert - 13:36
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  02   Liberation - 8:17
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  03   Perhaps - 10:28
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  04   Ancient Dreams - 5:10
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  05   Precursor Legacy - 8:59
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  06   To The Future - 3:12
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  07   Aqua - 2:30
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  08   Ether Movements - 6:51
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  09   Trade Winds - 10:09
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More Info

Originally released on CD in December of 2003. All tracks were remastered in 2013 for this new release.

The idea behind 1st Encounter was to try a new direction with my music, combining classic electronic music influences with more modern sounds and styles.

Review excerpts from the original CD release:

"Hot off the presses, the new album by Sayer is a rhythmic/ melodic extravaganza filled with colorful melodic hooks and crisp sequential riffs. There are cosmic symphonic moment interwoven into the mix, but by and large it’s a non-stop dose of motorik perfect for space cruising on the Autobahn. Your head will be spinning and your feet tapping when this is in the player."

Synth Music Direct:
"If you want an album of tranquil float look elsewhere but if on the other hand you want music to get the heart racing then you should really have this CD in your collection."