Dream by Acheloo



10 tracks

Running time: 0:57:23
Released: 08/2013

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  01   Life - 3:39
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  02   Deep Time - 5:56
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  03   Light Dream - 7:22
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  04   Ephemeral Promises part 1 - 6:49
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  05   Ephemeral Promises part 2 - 6:27
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  06   A Final Vision - 5:46
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  07   Winter Light - 7:37
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  08   New Horizons - 4:00
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  09   Into the Light - 5:04
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  10   The Invisible Motion of Time - 4:43
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More Info

'Dream' is yet another gorgeous space music voyage from Acheloo, whose music continues to amaze with its originality and emotional depth.

Fans of the ambient, drifting style electronic space music will find much to enjoy here. Indeed, the wonderful combination of strings and pads, deep swirling atmospherics and electric guitar make for a potent mix that engulfs the senses.

As with his earlier releases, the music is hauntingly beautiful with a dark edge that drifts along effortlessly and with clear purpose. The music has such an incredible feel and an undertow that captures the imagination, transporting the listener to faraway places in time and space.

To say ‘Dream’ is awesome would be an understatement! Acheloo really has done it again and produced a stunning voyage for the mind and soul. Wonderful!