Scapes by Deep Imagination

Deep Imagination


8 tracks

Running time: 0:48:47
Released: 04/2005

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  01   Moonscape - 5:54
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  02   Timescape - 4:11
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  03   Colourscape - 5:15
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  04   Mountainscape - 4:54
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  05   Fogscape - 5:01
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  06   Oceanscape - 6:18
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  07   Sunscape - 7:31
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  08   Mindscape - 9:43
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SynGate CD-R DI01

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz is the leading light behind Deep Imagination, names I was hitherto unfamiliar with. Sudler-Mainz, keyboards and programming, is joined by other musicians such as Thorsten Rentsch on guitar to produce an agreeable concoction of instrumentals with each track ending in 'scape'. The initial piece, 'Moonscape', begins with suitably cosmic treatments evoking a sense of wonder providing an ideal soundtrack for moongazing or planetarium. Subtle and minimalist guitar contributions are added and the overall effect is atmospheric and melodic without overtly using recognisable melodies. 'Timescape' begins in impressionistic vein before percussion and an oriental-sounding theme give this piece a little more structure than other pieces. 'Colourscape' features Rentch's guitar, bass and percussion as well as a little extra colour added by Stefan Hollering on electro - saxophone. The track has a light, airy, and thanks to the electro-saxophone, jazzy feel.
'Mountainscape' again features guitar, here sounding not unlike a minimalist Mike Oldfield, to accompany the languid, meditative electronics which drift to a dreamy and peaceful conclusion. 'Fogscape' is a little more sinister and reminded me, at times, of the great Robert Fox , in terms only of the atmosphere evoked and subtle deployment of texture but a much more minimalist affair than its predecessors. 'Oceanscape' works hard to create atmospheres but despite its obvious cinematic template I found the bass synth a tad predictable and overall the track struggles to make an impact. 'Sunscape' is a return to earlier form with cosmic synths slowly building over a distant rumbling bass and with more minimalist guitar contributions. Music to accompany the birth of a star or a solar eclipse, rare events in the firmament above my hometown of Southport but an ideal soundtrack if such cosmic events occur. Finally. 'Mindscape' is a fine meditative, drifting, piece suitable for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day's toil, not exactly demanding but the overall effect is pleasing. The electro-saxophone makes a welcome re-appearance to add some sonic variation with the guitar joining the mix.
As I take my reviewing duties seriously, I played 'Scapes' several times and found that my enjoyment levels varied according to mood and listening environment. At best I found it a good ambient album and its cosmic atmospheres will satisfy those of a 'centering', cosmic disposition . At worst, I found myself skipping sections of the album in search of more immediate gratification. There will be those who will thoroughly enjoy 'Scapes' and derive much listening pleasure from its drifting soundscapes, curiously a title not present on this collection. (SR)