Gemstones by Deep Imagination

Deep Imagination


10 tracks

Running time: 1:00:27
Released: 01/2008

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  01   Planetary System - 8:15
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  02   Sunscape (live-version) - 7:35
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  03   Colourscape (live-version) - 5:57
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  04   Mountainscape (live-version) - 5:00
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  05   New Horizon-Medley (live-version) - 8:53
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  06   Moonscape (desert-version) - 5:18
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  07   Mindscape (remind-version) - 4:25
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  08   Gemstones Part 1 (Genesis) - 3:33
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  09   Gemstones Part 2 (Growth) - 4:50
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  10   Gemstones Part 3 (Continuance) - 6:41
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More Info

SynGate CD-R DI02|2126

Gemstones is the second coup of DEEP IMAGINATION. The new album is coming up with four magical live versions, two brilliant remixes and brand-new music like the 15 minutes long track Gemstones, which sounds like emanated from a stalactite cave.
Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, mastermind of DEEP IMAGINATION, got the idea for this track while shooting photos of Gemstones on a visit to a museum. The guest musicians Thorsten Rentsch, bass and percussion, and Stefan Höllering, electro-saxophone, perform once again on this long track.
The latter is brilliant at a medley of Art Of Infinity with a soulful live performed Tenor Saxophone on this new album too.