Live 08 by John Sherwood

John Sherwood

Live 08

9 tracks

Running time: 1:05:47
Released: 05/2013

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  01   Magnetic Fields - 7:02
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  02   Mystic Semblance - 5:17
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  03   Time Machines - 5:14
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  04   Metallic - 7:37
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  05   Steel Life - 6:00
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  06   Steelphony Allegro - 9:27
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  07   Steelphony Andante - 12:08
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  08   Steelphony Variante - 6:53
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  09   Steelphony Finale - 6:09
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More Info

This album contains two live performances by John Sherwood both done in April 2008.
The first one was at Awakenings in Burton on Trent on April 19 (tracks 1 to 5),
and the second was on April 24 in Swindon (tracks 6 to 9).

If making a CD from these tracks it will work better if you remove the gaps between tracks

If you want a physical CD of this release, it is available from Ambientlive at
That is actually a CD+DVD release where the DVD contains the backdrop video from the Burton
concert, with the actual live recording as soundtrack, therefore you get close to the actual
experience on the night. Also some footage shot by an audience member is included.