The Ritual Live in Nottingham by 4m33s


The Ritual Live in Nottingham

6 tracks

Running time: 1:08:21
Released: 01/2008

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  01   Atomsphere - 14:06
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  02   The Ritual part 1 Space - 9:35
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  03   The Ritual part 2 Earth - 15:03
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  04   The Ritual part 3 Man - 9:39
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  05   The Ritual part 4 Ritual - 14:10
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  06   The Ritual Epilogue - 5:48
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More Info

Recorded live at Peggers, Nottingham, on the 3rd October 2004, at the inaugural event of Ambientlive Awakenings on a cold and rainy Sunday night. The music is warm and friendly and a little spacey and mysterious.

4m33s firstly plays some older material, the extended and quite tinkly 'Atomsphere' taking up most of the first section. And then begins the main event 'The Ritual' which takes nearly an hour.

Prologue ...
1. Atomsphere / Beyond Andromeda / Dream Sequence 14:06
The Ritual ...
2. Space 9:35
3. Earth 15:03
4. Man 9:39
5. Ritual 14:10
6. Epilogue 5:48


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