New Light in Old Corners by My Shady Past

My Shady Past

New Light in Old Corners

16 tracks

Running time: 0:50:58
Released: 04/2013

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  01   Navaho Sunfighter - 3:39
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  02   Procession of Love - 2:59
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  03   The Intruder - 2:54
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  04   Cantabile Blue - 2:50

  05   Palomino Reno - 3:14

  06   Cold Sleep - 3:00

  07   Arapaho Joe - 3:10

  08   Beneath the Duvet - 3:00

  09   One Lazy Bandalero - 3:23

  10   Is it Any Wonder - 3:19

  11   City in Flames - 3:23

  12   Ghost Ship - 4:09

  13   Shazbar - 3:18

  14   Chartreuse - 3:23

  15   The Final Chase - 3:01

  16   Lost Orbit - 2:16

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For those of us of a certain age who CAN remember the sixties, and who played in bands in those far off days,(in my case often in a local Roman Catholic Church crypt, our version of the Cavern), when we and our peers (including the likes of Neil Young!) paid reverence to groups like the Shadows, Ventures, Roulettes, Fentones, Nero and the Gladiators et al, and for whom over the years musiks have sometimes become so dark, let’s never forget the era when rock and roll, rock, and rockabilly light first flooded into our guitarry lives, never to be extinguished simply by the passing of time or the ingress of alternative sounds this is the period before Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones and their successors, who gave us the vocal soundtrack to complement and threaten, but never entirely dim, this light. So here be sixteen inventions/ confections to allow us to glimpse once more what should never be forgotten. A well worn cliché says nostalgia isn’t what it used to be for those of us of a certain age – it is! So let that light search out those dark corners of our collective memory . . .