Provisional Impaxe by nachtricht


Provisional Impaxe

3 tracks

Running time: 1:18:11
Released: 04/2013

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  01   Halves - 35:58
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  02   Thirds - 24:18
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  03   Quarters - 17:55
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More Info

Originally a 72’ guitar improvisation echoing the early solo work of Manuel Gottsching, set against a grounding loop of synth bass and percussion, the whole has been deconstructed/ reconstructed to form overlapping parts (halves, thirds, quarters) using the so-called ‘woman tone’, but with pick up selection changes throughout, making for an interweaving sound structure throbbing against interacting minor and major scales that chase one another relentlessly across the Stratocaster fretboard, driving, and hopefully spellbinding finally an embroidery of novation mininova lines and pads (great to be twiddling knobs again!) – all best absorbed into the system accompanied by the visualisations of Microsoft Windows or similar – but no need for chemical additives here methinks . . .