Carbon Iron Oxygen by Noise Kommandoh

Noise Kommandoh

Carbon Iron Oxygen

9 tracks

Running time: 1:04:55
Released: 01/2008

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  01   Steel - 11:14
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  02   Railway - 2:59
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  03   Plasmastreams - 1:22

  04   Steelworks - 1:27

  05   Lunaria - 15:17
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  06   Weather - 2:21

  07   Steel Storm - 11:59
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  08   Steel Chimes - 2:31

  09   Steel Dance - 15:45
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More Info

The music on this album was inspired by a vistit to the incredible 'Magna' steel museum in Sheffield, England. Hence the strong 'steel' theme running through the tracks on this album.
Ambient soundcapes give way to industrial clangs and bangs, eventually a beat will come in, driving the whole thing forwards.


Please note that the artwork for this album is designed to fit a portrait half-height DVD case with a 10mm spine

Continuous Mix

Please also note that when creating a cd from these tracks, it will work better if you remove the gaps from between the tracks.