Earthsky by Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer


4 tracks

Running time: 0:55:30
Released: 02/2013

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  01   Earthsky Part 1 - 18:52
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  02   Earthsky Part 2 - 10:40
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  03   Earthsky Part 3 - 15:38
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  04   Earthsky Part 4 - 10:20
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"Earthsky" evokes the lower and upper halves of our world. The music is split into four sections and lasts almost an hour in total. Using guitars only, the land beneath our feet is conjured up: electric and acoustic guitars, and bass, multi-tracked into mini-orchestras and heavily reverbed. The sky is brought to mind with massed ranks of mellotron (choir and strings), and vintage synthesizers: the Korg MS-20 and the Yamaha CS-30. Over a year in the making, densely multi-tracked and reverbed, this album elicits the sensations of sky-floating and land-walking...