october gallery (redux) by radio massacre international

radio massacre international

october gallery (redux)

10 tracks

Running time: 1:47:27
Released: 12/2007

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  01   only just begun / frozen north 2 - 14:58
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  02   organ harvest - 14:51
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  03   improvisation I - 11:24
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  04   (come to) sunny teesside (mrs emerson) - 10:05
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  05   improvisation II - 16:47
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  06   geiger - 8:09
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  07   fire & the monster - 6:48
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  08   ha'penny bridge - 7:49
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  09   improvisation III - 11:25
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  10   a minute's silence - 5:11
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More Info

Double album
Disc 1: Tracks 1-4
Disc 2: Tracks 5-10

In February 1997 a group of lucky fans witnessed one of RMI’s finest concerts. The occasion, atmosphere, and location provided the perfect backdrop for the band to create a magical set of music, combining released material with some sensational new sections. Sequencing fans especially were in awe of the syncopating tapestries which were created literally “on the fly”.

The CDR which was issued to the audience became the stuff of legend to RMI collectors. 10 years on, with the advent of the download era, the time now seems right to allow all RMI’s fans to hear what was created on the day, as well as staying loyal to those who attended**.

The original release was a single CDR, this Redux release is the complete concert spanning a double album. Resplendent with new artwork, you can now download this fantastic rarity in full lossless quality (as well as high quality MP3).

** Prove you were there and download it for free! Contact the band via their new web site at www.radiomassacreinternational.com where they will verify your attendance. By the way, it’s not worth trying a fast one. We have a pic of the whole audience and know who you are! Also, current ownership of the original CDR is not enough. You need to have attended the original concert. Note that this free download offer ends 9th Feb 2008 (11 years to the day after the original concert).