Awakenings 2007 volume 1 by Awakenings


Awakenings 2007 volume 1

15 tracks

Running time: 2:22:13
Released: 12/2007

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  01   CD1 (Brendan Pollard) E Live 2006 Rehearsal - 20:00
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  02   x - 0:01

  03   CD1 (Odyssey) The Space Inside - 7:43
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  04   CD1 (Corporation) Aliens in your Midst - 5:29
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  05   CD1 (Chaos Research) Metropolis 2006 - 3:53
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  06   CD1 (Create) Choralis System - 10:28
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  07   CD1 (Awen) Pink Oceans of Goom - 7:27
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  08   CD1 (Chromengel) Dreams of the Old World - 8:12
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  09   CD2 (Xan Alexander) Storm Forge - 9:24
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  10   CD2 (Stephen Palmer) Giza Rock - 10:25
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  11   CD2 (Eppie E Hulshof) Three Moving Parts - 12:56
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  12   CD2 (Modulator ESP) Zeta Major - 10:26
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  13   CD2 (Entity) Live at Guerilla Zoo (Moderato) - 11:46
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  14   CD2 (Broekhuis Keller Schonwalder) Zeitreise Ambient Mix - 10:36
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  15   CD2 (Free System Project) Leicester Square - 13:27
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More Info

The first album for 2007 from Awakenings, as usual this is a double album for the price of a single.
Featuring tracks by many artists including ...
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder
Free System Projekt
Brendan Pollard
Stephen Palmer

Review by David Law ...

Brendan Pollard donates his awesome twenty-minute 'E-Live 2006 Rehearsal' to get this double CD set underway. The initial sounds are as if vast objects are being hurled into the sea accompanied by all sorts of weird whooshes and twitters. A superb combination of sequences emerge from the aquatic depths. These meld rapid melodic runs as well as bass pulses. It is all underpinned by some wonderful mellotron. In other words Berlin School Heaven. More sequences are added accompanied by a flutey lead line. In the seventh minute things subside to more thick analogue sonic effects, coming out of it with a decidedly 'Ricochet' sounding collage of sounds. Very impressive indeed. More sequences emerge including a sedate but wonderful three note one then an amazing one hundred mile an hour scorcher before things quieten down again and we get an exquisite moody finish.

It is a very welcome return for Corporation (it must be a decade since I last heard anything from them!). And what a fantastic track they have given us with 'Aliens in your Midst (First Contact mix)'. After some very dark atmospherics we get sampled text then in comes a wonderful infectious beat and sublime little melody. It's a real body mover that hits the spot perfectly. If you like Intelligentsia, T Bass UK, Asana or Synthetik you should most certainly go for this.

Chaos Research give us the slow moody chugger 'Metropolis 2006'. It's a bit of a strange one mixing contemporary beats with classical leanings. Very clever. Create come up with 'Choralis System', one of his more atmospheric tracks which for me worked best before the slow sequence came in at about the half way mark but interesting throughout. Awen's 'Pink Oceans of Goom' begins with a vast wall of electronic twitters. A sequence fizzes and shimmers through the backing. It's all rather mesmerizing and trippy.

'Dreams of the Old World' by Chromengel is initially all rather cosmic but then a steady rhythm starts up. Acoustic guitar colouring provides contrast and fits in nicely with a tinkling sequence. There is nothing wrong with the track though I couldn't help feeling that it was more a sketch of ideas that could have been worked on a little more. I'm sure others will think differently though.

The second disc opens with 'Storm Forge' from Xan Alexander (member of the Omega Syndicate). All very brooding and malevolent it is too. A rapid high register sequence contrasts the backing nicely. The foot is firmly put down in the second minute as an insistent rhythm drives us forward. Things reach euphoric proportions as an anthemic lead line soars above it all. It's one of those tracks which just begs to be played live - devastating stuff!

Stephen Palmer changes the style completely as we delve Space Rock realms with 'Giza Rock'. Eastern sounding percussion is underpinned by a dark drone out of which emerges an intense urgent sequence. It morphs this way and that as a vibes type lead mixes with the drums creating quite a groove. Things become even more exciting as some fairly heavy electric guitar rips over the top. At around the five minute mark the sequence starts to spit venom but this is softened a little by another gentle percussive lead.

A similar style is maintained in 'Three Moving Parts' by Eppie Hulshof which is quite surprising as this is nothing like his most recent Berlin School album 'Besucher aus dem Kosmos'. A jaunty rhythm mixes with all manner of cosmic whooshes and an excellent bass line. A tinkling sequence takes over the rhythm then we slowly subside into more stellar effects and quiet relaxing drift (the second 'Moving Part' I presume). A new sequence emerges as we enter the rather tasty final part. Modulator ESP gives us 'Zeta Major' and quite an eerie place it seems. Gradually some sort of structure materialises, solidified by a lonesome meandering lead line. Sequences start to emerge but overall its all rather trippy and laid back.

'Live at Guerilla Zoo 10 Feb 2007' by Entity is straight into a lovely chugging sequence that reminded me a little of 'The Nightcrawlers'. A piano(ish) lead is placed over the top but I didn't think it was as effective as the sequence.

It seems that no compilation album is complete without a Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder track and on this one we have 'Zeitreise Ambient Mix'. I thought because of the title that it might be a complete drifter but no, there is a nice steady rhythm and bass line. The rhythm develops- sure it is laid back but not what I would call ambient. Little vocal colouring is added. A lovely piano line adds that touch of class.

We finish with a track from Free System Project's National Space Centre concert of last year (10th June 2006) called 'Leicester Square'. It shows the band in dark brooding mood. As you would expect the sequences are masterful, nicely bass heavy but with a sort of arcing energy quality to them. Absolutely brilliant and a stunning way to finish the album.


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