Awakenings 2007 volume 1.5 by Awakenings


Awakenings 2007 volume 1.5

9 tracks

Running time: 1:02:36
Released: 12/2007

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  01   (Xan Alexander) Rhodes to Nowhere - 9:04
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  02   (Zeitlos) Black Hole Descent - 9:14
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  03   (Modulator ESP) Zeta Minor - 7:17
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  04   (Peter Challoner) Interpolation - 10:13
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  05   x - 0:01

  06   (Russell Storey) Phoenix Lair - 7:34
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  07   (Memory Geist) Peripheral Blur - 5:40
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  08   (Nick Robinson) Awake - 3:19
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  09   (Phrozenlight) Left Behind the Borders of Space and Time - 10:14
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Released at the same time as volume 1, this album comprises mainly Ambient tracks, in a continuous mix. Featuring tracks by many artists including ...
Peter Challoner
Xan Alexander

Review by David Law

'Rhodes to Nowhere' by Xan Alexander is full of metallic shimmers and solar flare type whooshes. A lovely delicate melodic sequence emerges like a soft rain on the water. A simply exquisite, beautiful lead line drifts from the speakers shifting as in a gentle breeze. What is more, further melodies keep coming each as sublime as the last. The is one of the most wonderful tracks I have ever heard from Xan, probably even better than his opener to the second disc on Vol 1 but very very different. Tracks like this and the other I have mentioned would provide the perfect balance on a future solo album. Following the similar concept to its earlier sister album (Awakenings 2006 Vol 2.5) we flow straight from one track into the next without a break.

Zeitlos was a new name to me but his 'Black Hole Descent' is the most wonderful collage of sounds and effects. Modulator ESP, having already given us 'Zeta Major' on Volume 1 now showcases its companion track 'Zeta Minor' and actually it's not too dissimilar to the previous number by Zeitlos, music to submerge yourself in and let your thoughts take you where they will.

Peter Challoner donates 'Interpolation'. Yes, initially it's another floater but this time it's not as aggressive as its two predecessors. The sounds are much softer, ethereal even. In the second minute a laidback rhythm starts up and then a sequence is added but it is all rather tranquil.

Russell Storey's 'Phoenix Lair' is back to the spooky stuff. Long decays to dark brooding touches of sound add to the feeling of unease. Things become more bass laden and rumbling as we progress until we get to a really nice crystalline ending.

'Peripheral Blur' by Memory Geist (another new name to me) is initially more of the same, using an excellent sound palette but there is a delicacy and precision here that makes it one of the best truly ambient tracks on the album.

Nick Robinson donates 'Awake'. A slow undulating throb forms a base around which drones are added. Detail is provided by various and contrasting effects including lovely female Asian type chanting. Another good one.

We finish with 'Left Behind the Borders of Space & Time' by Phrozenlight. It's a track which is predominantly made up of solar winds, with just the faintest touches of other sounds. Rather fitting to the subject matter I suppose.


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Continuous Mix

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